Join a Movement of Change Makers

Imagine yourself, alongside other global and community leaders worldwide, facilitating dynamic conversations that lead to climate action. 

You can do this by leading events online or in-person using a new tool – En-ROADS – an interactive climate model that synthesizes the best available science on what is needed for climate action. 

Through this free training program, you will become a leader who can spark meaningful conversations about climate change solutions that are empowered by data rather than bias.
Using powerful online simulation software, developed in collaboration with MIT, that tests policies which generate different climate futures, En-ROADS events are effective at opening minds and shifting perspectives. 

en we gave an En-ROADS demo for a group of US Senators, the 30 minute workshop ran to an hour and a half and required a Senator to beat on a table to calm down the excited group full of questions. We’ve seen many similar reactions from students to business leaders and other top decision-makers.

e want to provide this powerful experience to more groups around the world.

We are looking for people from all backgrounds who are motivated to take part in the Mastering En-ROADS training program to become skilled in leading events worldwide. Already we have hundreds of facilitators worldwide running their own En-ROADS events, delivering insights, and cultivating climate leadership globally.

Sign up to join the Mastering En-ROADS Training Course. This free 8-week program will advance your understanding of both the En-ROADS Simulator and its complementary learning experiences. The course will explore the dynamics driving our climate and energy system, interdisciplinary climate solutions, advanced facilitation tips, themes of equity and justice, event planning, and more.  By signing up for this course you will join a vibrant community of educators, policymakers, activists, professionals, community organizers, and students who are running their own En-ROADS events – delivering insights, and cultivating climate leadership worldwide.



Become an En-ROADS Climate Ambassador

Although anyone is welcome to participate in this training to learn more about the simulator or run an event, our En-ROADS Climate Ambassadors represent a distinct cohort of volunteers who are committed to mastering our tools and spreading data-driven climate insights across the globe. Becoming an En-ROADS Climate Ambassador takes significant preparation, and we only encourage applications from individuals who have worked through the entire Mastering En-ROADS training plan. Applications are free to all and we welcome individuals from all backgrounds and disciplines. You can learn more about the program here.
"I enjoy getting people to think differently about the possibility of limiting global warming after the event – providing them with hope that the 'doomsday scenario' is not inevitable."

– Tony Green
Livermore CA, USA

"I love the element of curiosity and the possibility to go deeper when necessary, the flexibility it provides to the facilitator to be creative and adapt according to the audience."

– Pinar Oncel
Istanbul, Turkey

"With limited time and resources, we need to make the most impactful changes as soon as possible, and that means using tools like En-ROADS to determine the most efficient, effective, and fair solutions."

– David Mazumder 
Cambridge MA, USA

"En-ROADS presents the user with vast possibilities for interpersonal conversation, informational exchange, and learning. I get a certain sense of satisfaction, that makes me love what I do and share this with my students."

– Ratna Lindawati Lubis
Bandung W. Java Province, Indonesia

"En-ROADS is a tool that empowered me to learn and do something about climate change. I was also able to empower others in this journey to join the team and start doing something about this huge problem we are dealing with."

– Pablo Lucángeli
Buenos Aires, Argentina

"I am an En-ROADS facilitator because I want to incite action within people. I want to guide them from where they are to somewhere where they know what it takes to solve the climate crisis – and how they can play a part in the solution."

– Bas Tuenter
Nijmegen Area, Netherlands