Cohort series of the Mastering En-ROADS Course

En-ROADS Climate Ambassador Camp

  COHORT DATES: August 1 to September 26, 2024
Equip yourself to lead interactive simulation events that shape climate policy and inspire effective climate action. This program will train you to become an En-ROADS Climate Ambassador—a leader who can guide people in experimenting with climate policies in a simulated environment, supporting decision-making in the real world.
Applications close on July 30, 2024.
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 Course Format

  • 8-week online Mastering En-ROADS course with 60 videos, 35 quizzes, and readings.
  • Optional activities, like weekly live sessions and community gatherings complement the course.

 Earn a Certificate

  • Certificate upon completing 100% of the Mastering En-ROADS course.
  • En-ROADS Climate Ambassador certification after running a minimum of two En-ROADS events.


  • Intermediate English language skill.
  • Access to a computer and internet.
  • No experience required.
  • Free of cost.
  • Donations recommended.
  • You will learn how to...

    • Identify and explain the key dynamics driving the climate and energy system.

    • Facilitate impactful, hopeful En-ROADS experiences grounded in the best available science.

    • Engage hearts and minds toward climate action.
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    How does it work?

    • Watch the videos and complete the activities at your own pace.
    • Attend live sessions to connect with people and reinforce concepts from the videos.
    • Engage your colleagues, friends, or students in what's needed for action on climate change with what you learn.

    More Course Details

      Weekly Live Sessions

    Each Thursday at 10 AM EDT (GMT-4), starting August 1 for 8 weeks. These sessions are optional and complementary to the videos, readings, and quizzes.

      Community and Support

    In addition to the weekly live sessions, you can participate in vibrant community discussions, group activities, and office hours through the community platform and Zoom meetings.

      Practice and Lead

    Gain real-world experience by practicing leading En-ROADS climate solution events. Upon completing the training and conducting at least two events, you can apply to become an En-ROADS Climate Ambassador.

    Why become an En-ROADS Climate Ambassador?

    This course will help you expand your skills as a climate leader.
    Hear some of the benefits from these Ambassadors:
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    Are you ready to join the En-ROADS Climate Ambassador community? 

    Although anyone is welcome to participate in this training to learn more about the simulator or run an event, our En-ROADS Climate Ambassadors (ECAs) represent a distinct cohort of volunteers who are committed to mastering our tools and spreading data-driven climate insights across the globe.

    Becoming an En-ROADS Climate Ambassador takes significant preparation, and we only encourage applications from individuals who have worked through the training program and started leading En-ROADS events. Applications are free to all and we welcome individuals from all backgrounds and disciplines globally. 

    "I enjoy getting people to think differently about the possibility of limiting global warming after the event – providing them with hope that the 'doomsday scenario' is not inevitable."

    – Tony Green, ECA (Livermore CA, USA)

    "I love the element of curiosity and the possibility to go deeper when necessary, the flexibility it provides to the facilitator to be creative and adapt according to the audience."

    – Pinar Oncel, ECA (Istanbul, Turkey)

    "En-ROADS is a tool that empowered me to learn and do something about climate change. I was also able to empower others in this journey to join the team and start doing something about this huge problem we are dealing with."

    – Pablo Lucangeli, ECA (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

    Course content


    The Basics to become an Event Facilitator

    Introduction to the En-ROADS climate solutions simulator and how it can be used to make a difference in addressing climate change and climate-related equity issues. Build your own confidence in the En-ROADS Simulator. Learn where the tool is used and practice how to introduce it to new audiences.

    En-ROADS Tour: Energy, Energy Efficiency, & Electrification

    The ins-and-outs of the energy sliders in En-ROADS with a particular focus on the things that people ask about most frequently. For example: “How can I test more electric cars?” or “What if we had no new coal?”. We look at the advanced sliders and explore which graphs are most relevant.

    Growth, Land & Industry Emissions, Carbon Removal, & Impacts

    The ins-and-outs of all the non-energy sliders in En-ROADS, with a particular focus on frequently asked questions, e.g., “What would happen if we ate less meat?". Also, learn about some impacts from climate change in En-ROADS, such as sea level rise and changes in crop yields.

    En-ROADS Simulator Dynamics

    We explore some of the main system dynamics principles which dictate the model’s behavior, e.g., price-demand feedback, delays in infrastructure turnover, supply constraints, and more. We walk through these key concepts and also address tactics for explaining complex dynamics during the game and workshop.

    The En-ROADS Climate Workshop

    The En-ROADS Climate Workshop is an interactive experience to deliver climate insights to your community – be it your workplace, university, social network, and beyond. We explore the sections of the workshop and cover facilitation techniques and methodology.

    The Climate Action Simulation Game

    The Climate Action Simulation game (CAS) is a unique group experience where participants  take on roles of international, multi-sector stakeholders as they forge their way towards a global climate action plan. We explore the sections of the game, facilitation techniques and methodology.

    Advanced Facilitation Techniques

    Gain the skills to excel as an En-ROADS facilitator through this module. We will cover facilitation tips, teach you how to answer difficult participant questions, and more. An invaluable resource for you to successfully lead participants in your events and inspire climate action.

    Model Structure and Testing (Optional)

    This section walks through the model comparisons and the extensive testing that the Climate Interactive team has conducted in order to build confidence and improve the En-ROADS simulator. Also, some software mechanics and what's under the hood of the simulator.

    Frequently asked questions

    What is En-ROADS?

    En-ROADS is a fast, powerful climate simulation tool for understanding how we can achieve our climate goals through changes in energy, land use, consumption, agriculture, and other policies. It gives everyone the chance to design their own scenarios to limit future global warming. The simulator was built by Climate Interactive, MIT Sloan School of Management, and Ventana Systems. En-ROADS runs online, is carefully grounded in the best available science, and is calibrated against a wide range of existing integrated assessment climate and energy models.

    Explore En-ROADS here:

    Is there a fee for the course?

    No, the training course, the En-ROADS simulator, and all the Climate Interactive tools and resources are free to all, thanks to the generous support of our funders. While the Mastering En-ROADS course is offered at no cost, there are expenses involved in creating and delivering the program. Please consider making a donation to cover these costs and help keep the training accessible to all:

    How much time should I plan to spend on the course each week?

    It's up to you! A good estimate would be 4-5 hours per week for a period of eight weeks. 

    What are En-ROADS events and what is like to be a facilitator?

    There are three main ways to use the En-ROADS simulator with audiences: in a workshop, in a role-playing game, or in a student assignment. You can read more here and watch Climate Interactive's Executive Director, Andrew Jones, run a 15-minute version of a workshop to get a glimpse of what you could do as a facilitator.

    I’ve already taken the training in the past and I am enrolled in Mastering En-ROADS. Do I need to apply to attend the live sessions?

    • If you have already created an account on the training platform but still want to participate in the cohort, please apply since we’ll create an email list to send you all the relevant information throughout the 8-week training.
    • If you have recently completed the training, and now only want to join the live sessions, it’s OK to log in to the training platform when the training is live (Aug 1-Sep 26) to get the live session Zoom link or watch the recording.
    • If you haven’t created an account at yet and want to participate in the cohort, please apply. 

    Can my colleagues, friends, or students join the training?

    Yes! Anyone is welcome to join ECA Camp, taking place from August 1 to September 26. Just share the link with them and encourage them to apply before July 30, 2024.

    Have more questions?

    Visit for answers to more frequently asked questions.