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Join one of our free training programs to advance your understanding of the En-ROADS Simulator and its complementary learning experiences.
Climate Interactive creates and shares tools that drive effective and equitable climate action. We built En-ROADS —a powerful, free, online simulation software, developed in collaboration with the MIT Sloan Sustainability Initiative.

En-ROADS enables anyone to test climate policies and build climate scenarios in real-time. To amplify the insights from En-ROADS, we have developed interactive group workshops and games which have been experienced by over 200,000 participants worldwide. Our trainings span topics of climate science, systems thinking, climate equity, and the ins-and-outs of how to facilitate an event using En-ROADS. 

Hundreds worldwide have completed this training and become En-ROADS Climate Ambassadors, running their own En-ROADS events, delivering data-driven climate insights, and cultivating climate action globally. By training to become an En-ROADS Climate Ambassador, you join a vibrant, supportive, and growing community that is cultivating climate action around the world.
"I am an En-ROADS Ambassador because I want to incite action within people. I want to lead them from where they are, to somewhere where they know what it takes to solve the climate crisis—and how they can play a part in the solution."
—Bas Tuenter, En-ROADS Climate Ambassador, Netherlands


"En-ROADS presents the user with vast possibilities for interpersonal conversation, informational exchange, and learning. I get a certain sense of satisfaction, that makes me love what I do and share this with my students."
—Ratna Lubis, En-ROADS Climate Ambassador, Indonesia

"When we gave an En-ROADS demo for a group of US Senators, the 30-minute workshop ran to an hour and a half and required a Senator to beat on a table to calm down the excited group full of questions. We’ve seen many similar reactions from students to business leaders and other top decision-makers.

We want to provide this powerful experience to more groups around the world."

Andrew Jones, Climate Interactive Executive Director and Co-Founder
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