En-ROADS Climate Ambassador Camp
Elevate your skills in the climate space with the En-ROADS climate solutions simulator.
 August 1, 2024 — September 26, 2024
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Join the 2024 cohort of En-ROADS Climate Ambassador Camp and become skilled in the use of the En-ROADS simulator to influence climate action in business, government, academia, community organizations, and beyond through informed, strategic action. The course spans topics of climate science, systems thinking, climate equity, and the ins-and-outs of how to facilitate interactive events with En-ROADS—a powerful, free, online simulation software, developed by our team at Climate Interactive and the MIT Sloan Sustainability Initiative.

Hundreds worldwide have completed this training and become En-ROADS Climate Ambassadors, engaging audiences at their own En-ROADS events, delivering data-driven climate insights, and influencing climate policy. By training to become an Ambassador, you join a vibrant, supportive, and growing community that is cultivating climate action around the world.
"I am an En-ROADS Ambassador because I want to incite action within people. I want to lead them from where they are, to somewhere where they know what it takes to solve the climate crisis—and how they can play a part in the solution."
—Bas Tuenter, En-ROADS Climate Ambassador, Netherlands

"En-ROADS presents the user with vast possibilities for interpersonal conversation, informational exchange, and learning. I get a certain sense of satisfaction, that makes me love what I do and share this with my students."
—Ratna Lubis, En-ROADS Climate Ambassador, Indonesia

"When we gave an En-ROADS demo for a group of US Senators, the 30-minute workshop ran to an hour and a half and required a Senator to beat on a table to calm down the excited group full of questions. We’ve seen many similar reactions from students to business leaders and other top decision-makers.

We want to provide this powerful experience to more groups around the world."

Andrew Jones, Climate Interactive Executive Director and Co-Founder
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